Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My boss offered me a promotion.  Well, actually she sort of offered me a promise for a promotion.  See she is building a new company and if all goes well I have a new position.  That is guaranteed.  But, do I want it? It would be big. I would have to endure another year at this work now before things take off (if they) take off.  Can I call New York home for that much longer?

I think my answer is the most difficult in the world.  Not because I cannot decide but because I already know and I am afraid of what it does for other aspects of my life.  I do not have to make any decisions until June but this weight is starting to build heavy on my heart.

I  make good money. I can make great money. Will I regret it someday if I follow the money and put my heart second? What if I go with my heart and fail and lose it all?

Tonight there is no interesting story or clever comparison to my thoughts. I am all over the place and my writing shows.  It is nights like these that need to be documented just as much as the others....

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