Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow and the City!

Snow Day in New York City?  Well, that doesn't sound fun.  As far as I am concerned a snow day means you get to stay in your pj's all day watching TV in front of the fireplace. Where is my fireplace?
I have to work today.  In fact I have to go into work several hours earlier than normal.  I have to go out in the snow and pretend to enjoy myself.  Don't get me wrong, I actually love the snow but on my own terms.  I do not appreciate that my only pair of snow boots broke yesterday. I do not appreciate the fact my parents might not be able to fly in today. I do not appreciate walking in 3 ft. of snow to work. I do not appreciate this snow day in NYC.

I want to be in Atlantis with the Sewell's.  I want to be in Southern California with the Gronau's and Johnson's.  I want to be in Colorado with David and Kelly.  I wouldn't mind a trip to Arizona to be with the Mack's.   I want to run away. I want out. ( but do I really?)

I am tired of pretending today. I am tired of the inconsistency of this city and the people in it.

Running away not my answer. I know this.  I do not know what it is about this new year that frightens me so much. I have been in a bad funk ever since the first day of 2011.  I have never liked "odd" years and I think I have just set myself up to fail.  I assume that after such a productive and amazing year last year I am doomed for something bad now.  I just sit here waiting for it to happen. Who does that? What is wrong with me?

Today I accept a new challenge. Today I make a pact with myself to stay positive and accept anything and everything that comes my way with open arms. Even the damn snow.  Of course I do not appreciate this snow day but I will make the best from it. I will hold it in my hands, form it to fit my hands and throw it in my direction of choice; much like life.  I will smile through this day no matter how I feel inside. I will smile through this year and prosper to new heights.  I will because I want to.

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