Thursday, August 9, 2012

28 for 28

28 for 28
1. Wear my heart on my sleeve. Express my feelings. Really? I'm tired of playing it cool.. If I feel it, I'm sharing it!
2. Learn to drive stick. ( Why did my dad teach only 3 out of his 4 daughters, anyways?)
3. Be in the best shape of my life.
4. Save $$$$
5. Visit 5 new states and 1 new country ( I am limiting myself this year.)
6. Frontier days!  Ugh tired of making plans that fall through, I am going 2013!
7. Concert at red rocks amphitheater
8. Never miss sending a birthday card to all I love.
9.   Go back to school
10. Wear heels. Stop being ashamed of my height. 
11. Patience in real life. Not just work.
12. Forgive. ( a lot of people)
13. Create not destroy.
14. Fall back in love with the road.
15. Monthly conversations with the fab 5. My
16. Inspire. Encourage. Enlighten.
17. High school reunion.
18. Pray more. Really pray. On my knees.
19. Plant. Garden. Grow.
20. Monthly sleepovers with my niece.
21. Walk away.
22. No more Mr. Big.
23. Give CO a real chance.
24. Don't resent them, it's your choice.
25. Miss NYC less and less each day.
26. Visit your boys in the spring.
27. Nye in NYC
28. Find a little faith to fall back on.

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