Monday, October 4, 2010

Doormen and the City

What is it about window shopping that makes a heart race a little faster? Can we imagine how the item of clothing will fit, look, or feel on us?  Is it that there is pure fantasy in your thoughts rather than risking walking into the store and trying it on to just be disappointed. What if you lived somewhere you can walk down the streets and window shop for men? Well, I do.

Imagine it is like walking down Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, California with all the stores with big windows displaying all different styles. Feeling fancy; look: heels! Feeling comfy; OMG did you just see those jeans? Now, every block or avenue for the most part of the Upper East Side will contain a doorman building.  Much like the shops with big windows to lure you into the store, these buildings have men standing at the door just baiting you to look. Men just standing there every 20 feet or so. Do not get me wrong it is not like male models are employed as doormen like at Abercrombie and Fitch but you never know when you see something you just HAVE to HAVE! Something for your imagination to play with and do what ever you please.  It is window shopping for men. Imagine how he would feel, look, or fit with you all without actually having to try him on and risk disappointment AGAIN. 

When I first moved to New York I lived with my cousin.  She lives in a doorman building.  I like to flirt and there were several nights or rather early mornings when you could find me sitting in the lobby flirting with the overnight doorman.  This is when my love for these men first developed. Why had I not thought about this before? Men who practice chivalry all day long. Grated they are paid and employed to display their chivalry but it is always appreciated and helps play the part while I imagine our lives together for the next 10 blocks.  Who wouldn't like a man to open your door, hail you a cab, hold an umbrella for you until you are inside the building, carry your boxes to the cab,  smile and ask about your day?  The list goes on and on and on and on.

 I will admit that I have my favorites.  I will chose a street based on my mood for the day. If I am feeling spunky there is the guy on Park Avenue that always smiles and winks when I walk by.  Oh does he have the most amazing eyes.  If I just need to see some serious eye candy there is the block between 74th and 75th where all three building have tall, beautiful men standing at the door.  If I get "lucky" they are all working at the same time like every Thursday around 3:00PM ;)

So, ladies if you are ever feeling a need for some retail therapy leave your wallets at home and come out with me and let the windows do all the work.

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