Tuesday, October 12, 2010


See, I have never been one to really over analyze the weather.  When you grow up in Southern California there is not much to discuss about this topic. Imagine the conversation about how sunny and warm it feels over and over again.  Facebook is a good example of this.  Whenever the weather drastically changes anywhere in the country people post about it.  In California, I read a lot about how it is either the perfect beach day, too hot, or on occasion raining and people cannot drive. 

A few years ago I moved to Colorado and experienced weather like I had never before.  A favorite saying amongst the Coloradoans is if you do not like the weather, wait 10 minutes.  In a matter of an hour I have experienced sun and warmth, extreme wind that leads to thunder clouds that produce hail and tornadoes when all the sudden the weather drops and it is snowing. Now, this is temperamental weather. The bitch cannot make up her mind. 

 As I continued my journey East I discovered a much worse behaved Mother Nature.  She is ornery, sad, over-indulgent, and at times beloved.  I moved here in the dead of winter.  I had no choice but to quickly adjust to a constant, wet 20 degrees. In Colorado, due to the elevation, it is a very dry climate and no matter the temperature it never really feels THAT cold.  Of course I cannot ignore that no matter what, you always have a vehicle as shelter.  It took me all of one week to realize I was in a much colder climate in New York and that I really had no escape out of the weather between point A to point B. Welcome to East Coast winters. It may have been the combination between the excitement of fulfilling a dream and a new winter wardrobe but the frigid weather never really bothered me as I had expected it to.  

Spring in New York is really non existent.  I have always felt like Spring  is highly over rated and not needed and now I eat my own words. By the end of May I truly longed for a few short months of transitional weather that fell between the frigid and the humid.  Before I knew it I was living in hell, literally.  

I am actually very self conscious but I will admit to fully desiring to be naked at all times from the end of May to the beginning of September. I have no other way to describe this time period then to use one verb; to sweat.  I am actually surprised I did not sweat off several pounds in the summer. Imagine hot and thick air so hard to breath in.  Imagine there is no wind to break the heat.  Now take the weather outside and imagine walking two stories underground to catch the subway with both the morning and afternoon rush.

I have never been one to enjoy checking out the sauna or steam room at my local spa.  The steamy room filled with sweaty bodies all breathing heavily has always made me gag.  I should have known NYC summers were not for me.  The subway platform is exactly that of the sauna.  As I waited for the train to approach everyone day in my skinny pencil skirt and fashionable top I realize my back was drenched in sweat.  When the train pulled in I realized I had no choice but to board a fully occupied subway car.  This is where my height comes in handy. It was the only thing that saved me this summer.  My head is a full 6" above most people so when they lift their arms to hold on at least my nose was not shoved in a sweaty armpit.  Disgusting! Oh thank goodness summer is over.

Fall everywhere is usually glorious.  The weather, the smells,and  the holidays are all amazing.  New York is no different.  Before I knew it the weather was 74 degrees and the wind was blowing my hair like a photo shoot.  I was walking down the street feeling like a model in a flattering outfit with straightened hair.  No longer was I sporting the sweaty pulled back bun that I grew so accustomed to.  I know that this season is again too short lived like that of spring  but I have fallen in love. I am so deeply in love with New York now.  Fall has given me this gift.

Now don't get me wrong,  Mother Nature is still the same temperamental bitch as before but at least the humidity is gone. As I round out the end of my first 4 seasons in New York City I am reminded of something my Gaga used to say. ( for the record this is NOT Lady Gaga!)  Gaga always had the best advice and she used to say never marry a man you do not know for at least all 4 seasons.  I feel that way about New York. You cannot truly know someone without experiencing the good, the bad, and even sometimes the ugly. I have loved this city, tolerated this city, hated this city, and back to love again all while the earth makes it's  yearly journey around the sun.

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  1. You are a crack up! I love to read about your journey! Miss u !